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Silicone Rubber Rolls & Sheets


Shown above is a dual-durometer roller, rollers with contoured faces and an assortment of silicone sheet stock.

At Schwerdtle, our silicone rubber specialists can supply you with rolls and sheet stock to meet almost every application.

Silicone Rubber Rolls
Schwerdtle manufactures silicone rubber rolls that can be used to apply foil to flat parts, conveyor carried tip stamped parts and curved and cylindrical surfaces. The small contact area of the rolls allows the application of decals, foil and multicolored heat transfers to large areas by conforming easily to the surface variations of the molded parts. Silicone rubber rolls can be used for applying decals, foil and multicolored heat transfers as well as laminating, banding, printing and other forms of decorating.

The rolls are ground to be exactly concentric O.D. to I.D. Schwerdtle can recoat your worn roll or make new rolls to your specifications.

Flat Silicone Rubber Sheet Stock
Our stock is made in a wide range of sizes, compounds, durometers and
thicknesses. It can be bonded to aluminum or steel and used for applying foil to raised lettering or designs, for applying heat transfer decals or for other applications. Thin silicone rubber bonded to dead soft aluminum can be formed to fit contoured parts.

Textured Silicone Rubber
Assorted textures can be molded to the flat surface of a silicone die or
sheet stock as a means of preventing air entrapment when applying foil or heat transfer decals.

For More Information
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