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Call Me Maybe - 2012 CT Manufacturing

FUN WITH MANUFACTURING: Employees from several Connecticut manufacturing companies around the state
have a little fun on the job and spoof a popular song (Call Me Maybe) in
honor of manufacturing month (October).


Schwerdtle is shown at the (2:02 2:23) minute mark. Enjoy!


Schwerdtle's Capabilities in Pictures (examples):

Electrodes for EDM Machining

Ultrasonic tooling

Embossing and Forming tools

Today is:  

Technology to the Power of Art

  Schwerdtle Makes the Tools that put "Your Art on Your Part"

PLASTICS - we offer a complete line of HOT STAMP foil marking dies including:

  • Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Dies, Rolls and Sheet Stock

  • Engraved Brass and Steel Hot Stamping Dies
    Etched Brass, Copper and Magnesium Hot Stamping Dies

  • Matched sets of Hot Stamping Dies and part-holding Fixtures

METAL - marking and embossing products, we offer:

  • CNC Engraving

  • Steel Hand and Press Stamps for indent marking
    Embossing and Ornamenting Dies

  • Rolls and Arbors for decorating eyelet parts
    Roll Marking Dies

  • Numbering Machines for serial and part numbering


  • We do 3D engraving on surfaces

  • 3D surfacing

  • CNC machining to +/- .0005 tolerances

  • Full CAD/CAM capabilities

  • File importation from most major software - .IGES, .DWG, .DXF

We can take a 3D surface file, your customer's artwork, and your tooling layout and create embossing tools to fit into your progressive tools.

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Let Schwerdtle become part of your team.


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